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Sufi orders represent one of the most important forms of personal piety and social organization in the Islamic world. In most areas, an order is called a tariqah (pl., turuq), which is the Arabic word for "path" or "way." The term tariqah is used for both the social organization and the special devotional exercises that are the basis of the order's ritual and structure. As a result, the "Sufi orders" or tariqahs include a broad spectrum of activities in Muslim history and society. Mystical ex ...more


SUFISM. [This entry comprises three articles: Sufi Thought and Practice Sufi Orders Sufi Shrine Culture The first provides an overview of the traditional themes, practices, literatures, and institutions of Sufism; the second surveys the development and spread of Sufi orders throughout the Muslim world; and the third treats the spiritual, social, and political significance of Sufi shrines. See also Sufism and Politics.] Sufi Thought and Practice In a ...more

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