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MUSLIM WORLD LEAGUE. Founded in All 1381/1962 CE at the height of the Egyptian-Saudi political crisis, the Muslim World League (Rabitat al-`Alam al-Islam!) was the product of a meeting of III Muslim scholars, intellectuals, and politicians held in Mecca on the occasion of that year's pilgrimage. They convened to discuss the affairs of the Islamic ummah in view of the threats posed to it by "communism" in general and the "irreligious" Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in particular. On 18 May ...more


JUDAISM AND ISLAM. From Islam's inception, it has had a varied and profound relationship with Judaism. In scripture and thought, in society and politics, in culture and intellectual life, the two religious civilizations have exemplified their relations. In modern times, these relations have reflected major historical dislocations. This article selectively surveys the history and range of contacts between Islam and Judaism, while emphasizing the modern period. ...more

Islam in the Americas

Persons of Islamic background were among the explorers, traders, and settlers who visited the New World from the time of Columbus. A considerable number of Moriscos (Spanish Muslims who concealed their faith after 1492) migrated to both Portuguese and Spanish America, but their increasing numbers threatened the Christian rulers, who had them exterminated by the Inquisition. ...more

Islam in South Asia

Islam in South Asia The experience of Islam in South Asia is at once vast and varied. It encompasses nearly 300 million residents of the subcontinent who either define themselves as Muslim or are so defined by others. These 300 million Muslims belong to myriad groups whose members speak different languages, live in separate spheres, and confront disparate social and economic circumstances. These groups differ from one another in almost every sense except in their identity as Muslims. Moreo ...more

Islam in the Middle East and North Africa

Islam in the Middle East and North Africa Revelation in the Middle East comes in a variety of versions. Islam is one of them and, like Judaism and Christianity, it is constitutive of an entire civilization. Islamic civilization evolved according to its own dynamics, covering the periods of sacred foundation (634-750), scriptural formation (750-1050), classicism (1050-I8oo), and modern transformation (18oo-present). The focus in this article is on the latter period in which, largely in respons ...more


ISLAM. [This entry consists of an overview of the origins and development of the classical Islamic tradition and eight historical surveys that trace the spread of Islam throughout the world: An Overview Islam in the Middle East and North Africa Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa Islam in Central Asia and the Caucasus Islam in China Islam in South Asia Islam in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islam in Europe Islam in the Americas For further discussions of classical Islam, see Sunni ...more

Ms. Jewellee

I am a new Muslim. I am writing to tell you 'why' I converted to Islam, but it's going to be more like 'how.' Last year, at the age of 23, I was trying to open an import/export company to sell children's books overseas. Much thought went into my decision to work with Saudi Arabia above any other country. After contacting the Saudi Arabia Commercial Office at the Royal Embassy in Washington DC, I learned that all contracts with my sponsor must be in Arabic to be binding. That prompted me to st ...more

Anis Ahmad

Dr. Anis Ahmad is a social scientist; he specializes in Islamic Studies and is Meritorious Professor of Comparative Religion. He is Vice Chancellor of Riphah International University, Islamabad. He is also Editor-in-Chief of West and ...more

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