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SAYYID. An honorific title popularly used for the descendants of the prophet Muhammad, especially those who descend from his second grandson, Husayn ibn `Al'i, the son of Muhammad's daughter Fatimah, say ...more


Amir 'Ali, Sayyid; 1849-1928), Indian jurist and author of Islamic modernist apologia. Syed Ameer Ali was born in Chinsura,Bengal into a Shi'i family with a history of service to Persian and Mughal rulers and to the nawabs of Awadh, as well as to the British East India Company. He was educated at Hooghly Collegeoutside Calcutta, then studied law in London and was called to the Bar in 1873. Returning to Calcutta to practice law, he also lectured in Islamic law at Presidency College of Calcutta Un ...more

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