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IBN KHALDUN, `ABD AL-RAHMAN (1332-14o6), influential thinker about Arab social structures and processes. Ibn Khaldun was born inTunis, at a time whenNorth Africa, part of the Arab Muslim empire in decline, consisted of small states riddled by rivalries and plots. In this atmosphere, Ibn Khaldun entered public life and held different positions including those of "the seal bearer," secretary of state, ambassador, and judge. In 1382, he went toCairowhere he taught and served as a judge until his de ...more


`ABD AL-RAHMAN, A'ISHAH (b. 1913), Egyptian writer and professor of Arabic language and literature and Qur'anic studies. Under the pseudonym Bint al-Shati' `Abd al-Rahman was the author of more than sixty books on Arabic literature, Qur'anic interpretation, the lives of women of the early Muslim community (especially members of the Prophet's family), contemporary social issues, and fiction. Raised in the Delta port city of Dumyat(Damietta), she was taught the Qur'an and classical Arabic liter ...more

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