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NEW ZEALAND. See Australia and New Zealand. ...more


NEW YEAR. See NAWRUZ ...more


NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAZINES. Islamic journalism takes two forms: first, in general newspapers (Ar., jaridah, sahifah; Tk., gazete; Pers., ruznamah) and magazines with certain sections or editorials about Islam and Islamic affairs; and second, in Islamic newspapers and magazines in which almost all the content deals with Islam. The latter may be either licensed or underground publications. Arabic-language journalism is the most important segment of Islamic journalism in terms of reputation and reade ...more


NAWRUZ. Literally "New Day," Nawruz may be regarded as the foremost Iranian national festival. Although its origins are obscure, it is clear that it developed in a pastoral environment, as it has been observed on the first day of spring from the very earliest times. Both the Achaemenid and Sassanian kings celebrated the day by dispensing largesse and other observances. Its Zoroastrian features, which began to be secularized by the Sassanians, were finally completely neutralized with the coming o ...more


NATURAL SCIENCES. Under the impetus of Islamic teachings, a civilization grew up in the first two centuries AH that produced a dramatic change of outlook, arising from the integrated concept of knowledge (`ilm) combining material and the spiritual aspects in a balanced whole. Starting from the commands to observe, to consider, and to reflect, the desire to acquire knowledge had become a deep-seated yearning. [caption id="attachment_3023" align="alignleft" width="446"] ...more


NATSIR, MOHAMMAD (17 July 1908 – 14 March 1993), Indonesian intellectual, journalist, and politician. Natsir was among the first Indonesians to receive a modern European education. He attended Dutc ...more


NATION OF ISLAM. The migrations of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North after World War I provided the background for the development of one of the most militant and separatist black religious movements in America, the Nation of Islam. Although it ...more


The National Salvation Party (Turkish: Millî Selâmet Partisi, MSP) was an Islamist political party in Turkey founded on 11 October 1972 as the successor of the banned National Order Party (Millî Nizam Partisi, MNP). The party was led by Necmettin Erbakan. The party grew more popular, in 1973 elections it gained 11.8% of votes and was granted 48 seats in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, in 1977 elections it gained 8.56% of votes and won 24 seats.[1] In 1974 it formed the coalition governme ...more


NATIONAL ISLAMIC FRONT. See Muslim Brotherhood. ...more


NATION. In modern times, nationalism emerged first in Europe and then on other continents. It was the ideological expression of complex political, economic, and social developments. By the eighteenth century English nationalism had already manifested itself in the works of Milton and Lo ...more

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