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CALIPHATE MOVEMENT. See Khilafat movement ...more


CALIPH. The Arabic word khalifah (vicegerent, deputy, or successor) is one of the titles-others included imam (leader, particularly of prayer) and amir almu'minin (commander of the faithful)-given to those who succeeded the prophet Muhammad as real or nominal rulers of the Islamic world. The full title is khalifah rasul Allah (caliph of the messenger of God). Some later rulers, at a time when pre-Islamic Persian concepts of absolute monarchy were infiltrating the more democratic practices of the ...more


CALENDAR. See Islamic Calendar. ...more


Salam Alekhum. I became Muslim almost three years ago, right after Ramadan in between the two Eids. My spiritual search lasted over thirty years.I was born a Catholic and found many things I did not agree with: I believe in Jesus, but did not believe that he was the son of God, nor that he was God. I concluded on my own that he was a rabbi, since he was a learned Jew and a teacher. Because of this I went and studied under rabbis and learnt the Tanakh, the Torah and some of the laws of Judaism ...more

“My Path to Islam”

By C. Huda Dodge Salaam alaykum wa rahmatullah. Since I have started reading and posting on this newsgroup a few months ago, I have noticed a great interest in converts (reverts) to Islam: how are people introduced to it, what attracts people to this faith, how their life changes when they embrace Islam, etc. I have received a lot of e-mail from people asking me these questions. In this post, I hope insha'Allah to address how, when and why an American lik ...more

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