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Afghan Mujahidin

Afghan Mujahidin The Afghan Mujahidin are guerrilla fighters who formed their groups in opposition to the communist government after the April 1978 coup. The Mujahidin movement is divided into an array of political parties, each following a different set of ideological, ethnic, clientelist, and sectarian loyalties. The first cleavage among the parties is based on ideological commitment: the Islamists advocate an Islamic revolution, and the "moderates," although committed also to the implement ...more

Mujahidin-i Khalq

Mujahidin-i Khalq The Saziman-i Mujahidin-i Khalq-i lran (Holy Warrior Organization of the Iranian People) is better known simply as the Iranian Mujahidin. It is a religious, but anticlerical, organization and constitutes the main opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Mujahidin's ideology combines Shiism with Marxism. It interprets Islam, especially the Qur'an, the hadiths (sayings of the Prophet and imams), and Shi `i teachings, to be a divine message for social, economic, and p ...more

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