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MAHDI, AL-SADIQ AL- (December 25, 1935), Sudanese Islamic-Mahdist theologian and contemporary political leader. As great-grandson of the Sudanese Mahdi, Muhammad Ahmad ibn `Abdallah (d. 1885), Sadiq was born into a leading Islamic family and trained for his leadership role from birth. [See Mahdi; Mahdiyah.] He received a broad traditional Muslim education and later a modern one at Victoria College in Alexandria. He then studied at the University of Khartoum a ...more


MAHDI. The term mahdi ("divinely guided one") has come to denote an eschatological figure whose presence will usher in an era of justice and true belief prior to the end of time. The origin of the word cannot be traced to the Qur'an, where in fact it is never mentioned, but rather to a strictly honorific title applied to the Prophet and first four caliphs by the earliest Muslims. The term was further developed by the Shi`is, who applied it to Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyah (a son of the caliph `All) ...more

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