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IBNAL-`ARABI, MUHYI AL-DIN (1165-1240),'Abū 'Abdillāh Muḥammad ibn 'Alī ibn Muḥammad ibn `Arabī (أبو عبد الله محمد ابن علي ابن محمد ابن عربي ) was born in Murcia, Taifa of Murcia on the 17th of Ramaḍān 561 AH (27th or 28 July 1165 AD). He went by the names al-Shaykh al-Akbar, Muḥyiddin ibn Arabi, influential Sufi mystic and writer. Ibn `Arabi is known as "the greatest shaykh" (al-shaykh al-akbar). His thoug ...more

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