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KHO'I, ABOL-QASEM (1899-1992), widely followed Shi i mujtahid (interpreter of Islamic law). AbolQasem Kho'i (or Abu al-Qasim Khu'i was born in the city of Kho'i, province of Azerbaijan, Iran. At the age of thirteen, he entered religious training in Najaf, Iraq, studying with Shaykh Fath Allah al-Asfahani (alSharl'ah) and Shaykh Muhammad Husayn Na'ini, among others. Kho'i remained in Najaf's hawza (theological center), rising to become a teacher of jurisprudence and theology, writer, and spiritua ...more


KASHANI, ABOL-QASEM (1882 in Tehran, Iran – 14 March 1962 in Tehran, Iran),   more fully, Ayatollah Hajj Sayyid Abu al-Qasim Kashani, Iranian religious and political leader during the national movement in the 1950s. Born in Tehran, Kashani made a pilgrimage to Mecca at the age of fifteen and settled in Najaf, Iraq, to pursue his education. He studied under Ayatollahs Khurasani, Khalili Tihrani, and Kamarah'i and became a mujtahid at twenty-five. His political activity began against British r ...more

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