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The Muslim World League (Rabitat al-Alam al-Islami, Arabic: رابطة العالم الاسلامي‎‎, is Pan-Islamic religious charitable organization based in Makkah, Saudi Arabia that propagates Islamic teachings. The organization  was funded by the Saudi government from its inception in 1962, with that contribution growing to approximately $13 million by 1980. Because of the Saudi funding, the League is widely regarded as promoting Wahhabism. The Oxford Dictionary of Islam says that “the group has acted as a mouthpiece for the Saudi Arabian government, which finances it.”

Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen At-Turki is the General Secretary. The organization propagates the religion of Islam, encouraging Dawah and conversion of non-Muslims, and promotes apologetics against criticism of Islam. The organization funds the construction of mosques, financial reliefs for Muslims afflicted by natural disasters, the distribution of copies of the Quran, and political tracts on Muslim minority groups. The League says that they reject all acts of violence and promote dialogue with the people of other cultures, within their understanding of Sharia, but they are no strangers to controversy, having been the subject of several ongoing counterterrorism investigations in the U.S. related to Hamas, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

The League founded the International Islamic Relief Organization in 1978.

The Muslim World League was founded in accordance with a resolution adopted during the meeting of the General Islamic Conference, which was held in Mecca on the 14th of Dhul Hijjah 1381 Hijra, corresponding to the 18th May 1962.


1-Formation of Islamic public opinion regarding the various issues of concern to Muslims, within the guidance of the Holy Qur’an and the Sunnah

2-Combating ideological incursions and aberrant thought.

3-Advocating the freedom of preaching to the path of God.

4-Striving to protect Mosques and Mosque properties against attack.

5-Preserving Islamic endowments.

6-Defending the rights of the Muslim minorities.

Azhar Niaz Article's Source: http://islamicus.org/rabitat-al-alam-al-islami/

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