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Established in the late 1980s, the Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation has centralized religious centers and institutions for Islamic education that were acquired through pious donations managed by the late Ayatollah Abol Qasem al-Kho'i (Abu al-Qasim Khu'i, d. 1992) in his position as the marja` al-taqlid (supreme juridical authority) of the majority of Shi`i Muslims. Practical considerations prompted lay and religious leaders among al-Kho'i's Persian and Arab followers in Europe and North America to ...more


A private, nondenominational, philanthropic institution established by the Aga Khan, the Isma'ili imam, in 1967 to translate "the Muslim ethic of care and compassion for those of the society in greatest need," the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) was conceived as an extension and outreach to the developing world by way of relating Islam's humanitarian philosophy to issues of modern development that arose in the diverse contexts in which Isma' ...more

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